Soulmate Radar Instagram: Where is Your Soulmate Filter on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most interesting social media platform. It has many features and filters which make this app more enjoyable. Now the company allow third party users to create and distribute their filters through the app itself. You can use many available in the camera section, there are many others which you can try and add to your account. Such a filter is soulmate Instagram filter also known as Instagram Soulmate radar.

Let’s discuss about this famous soulmate filter on Instagram. If you are interested about the location of your soulmate this app is for you.

What is the Soulmate Instagram Filter?

The soulmate filter on Instagram is an interesting feature that gives funny answers when you inquire about your soulmate. If you ask’ where is your soulmate?’ it gives you interesting answers. If you don’t like any answer you can try again. Hopefully you will find an answer which you like.

The filter is created by ‘erikasnacks’.

How to Get the Soulmate Filter On Instagram?

Getting this filter is simple. Just get to the profile of the creator ’erikasnacks’ and search for this filter. Then you can try this filter and find interesting answers to your question. If you are using iPhone or android, simply swipe to explore screen. Write the name Erika snacks in the search bar and get on the profile. Tap the filter section and select the ‘Soulmate Radar’ filter. Now you can either try it save for later use. After you save, it will be available in filters arsenal.

How to Use the Soulmate Filter?

If you have saved this filter, you can access it by launching the app and going to the camera. Now you swipe left and right and find this filter to try it. Make sure you are using the front camera. Now tap and hold on the filter button. The filter will scroll through the options and land on one. Now you can release the button. You can save the video or share it with others if you want to.

Soulmate Radar filter is an interesting filter you can try today. If you have question in mind ‘where is your soulmate?’ this filter can get the answers for you.  However, this filter is only for entertainment. So, enjoy it.

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