Spiritual Airwaves Online Radio

Spiritual Airwaves Online Radio

Spiritual airwaves radio is a new and exciting branch within the medium Centre Wales. The Medium-Centre-Wales is a new professional Medium-Training-Centre which opened on August 25th, 2021. Its focus is upon having a complete Holistic Approach into Teaching Client-Centred-Mediumship which is unique to student, person, their needs, and Mediumistic Potential.

We are equally focused upon providing a professional Services at affordable prices. We specialise in Education, Training, Development along with Professional Coaching within all aspects of Mediumship and its Phenomena.

The Centre is based in the Caerphilly area which is in the beautiful County of Mid Glamorgan South Wales. The Centre played an enormous role throughout the Covid Pandemic. It became a lifeline to many through our Sunday evening Zoom platform and especially to those who lost loved ones to Covid. 

The Centre also offered a free online healing service along with a professional Counselling clinic to those who were in desperately in need. During the past 18 months our services are still in great demand, and we are continuing to grow.

Even though things might seem to be moving forward and getting back to some kind of normality, we are each aware that we have had to find new coping mechanisms in how to live alongside covid however, we are still very mindful along with being totally aware that Covid will stay with us for a very long time into the future.

We know from the many people who we relate to through our Medium Centre, social media, zoom platforms, that many people still live with fear, Anxiety, depression, uncertainty etc. With all the above, we feel that we must somehow continue to reach out to all those who are in desperate need, those who are somewhat vulnerable. To be able to reach out to those kind of people, we had to do a lot of Soul searching. Though many hours of putting forward new ideas, (there were many) The Idea of an online radio station kept coming up? Of course, is not something new!  As many of you may already know, there are many others are already dong it!!

So, we thought what can we do that is “different” different to what those who are already doing it? Then came that Light bulb moment!! We suddenly realised that even though there many successful online stations already offering professional services, not many of them deal with real life issues such as Paranormal Activity, Psychic Phenomena, Ghosts, Mediumship, Sensitivity, Death, Life After Death, Sickness, Bereavement, Suicide, etc, etc.

We also realised that this was a unique idea. Jeff Jones has over 55 years’ experience and is qualified to deal with such matters. Jeff Jones is a well-respected Lecturer, Medium, Teacher Author within his flied & has an enormous respect from his peers.

The Spiritual-Medium-Centre-Wales has given birth to the idea of expanding their services by creating an online radio station, it is an opportunity for Jeff Jones and his colleague Jackson Jones to connect with all their friends, customers & students around the world.

Our online Radio station will continue to offer, not only a professional service, but a hand of friendship to all those who feel that they need to be connected to their “spiritual selves” but having the knowingness & the comfort that they have an extended spiritual family.

Our online radio station is all about bringing likeminded souls together through the power of love which is the greatest power throughout the universe. We will be broadcasting live from the Medium-Centre-Wales every Sunday evening.

Please come and join us on a two-hour spiritual adventure. We will talk about current affairs, spiritual topics, Life, there will be discussions on certain ideas, Question & Answers, Guest Speakers, Communication with the spirit world and loved ones! Much, much more.

It is an opportunity for Jeff & Jackson to connect with all their friends, customers & students. Spiritual-Airwaves will be broadcasting live from the Medium-Centre-Wales every Sunday evening from Sunday 24th October at 5pm GMT/CET 6PM

Follow the link Spiritual Airwaves Radio Wales (jeffjones.wales)

Spiritual Air Waves Radio Wales – Jackson Jones Medium

https://www.facebook.com/Spiritual-Medium-Centre-105164851541073/Jackson Jones (@jacksonjones_medium) • Instagram photos and videos


  1. To Jeff & Jackson Jones, I would firstly like to mention how exciting your Spiritual Airwaves Online Radio is! Wales greatly needs something like this! We know that this is going to be a great success for you both and for all the other people who are connected to the Academy of Excellence and The Medium Centre Wales. Jeff Jones, you have devoted your entire life to being of service to God, the great Spirit and all of Humanity. It is a joy to know that your Son, Jackson Jones, is following in your footsteps! Spiritualism needs a new way forward in how to reach the hearts of those who seek communication with loved ones, Education, Training & Development. Spiritual Airwaves Radio will be able to do this. We are in very exciting, new times and there are many people in the world who seek enlightenment. Jeff we praise your Professionalism and no nonsense approach and the standards within your Mediumship and Teaching are second to none! You can count me in for sure, I will be Tuning In! Yours truly
    Ruth Jones

  2. To Jeff Jones and Jackson and the academy of excellence

    I would like to take this opportunity into congratulating you both on this exciting spiritual radio station.

    I have been involved in spiritualism all my life even from a child! I was brought up within a mediumistic family.

    Recognising that COVID have changed many things around us in the world.

    I know how important and busy the Medium centre Wales has been during this difficult period through COVID.

    You must continue spreading your light your truth and most importantly your professional high standards.

    It is important that the spirit world have someone like you Jeff Jones
    Who can be out in the world helping people!

    Your radio station is greatly needed and to be able to have a pat-form whereby we can talk about not only all things spiritual but such topics as life and death end the life after.

    I cannot wait for your launch date, I will be there to listen!!! I will spread the word and news to family and friends.

  3. Dear Jeff Jones and Jackson!!

    How exciting it is to hear that Wales is going to have such a online channel as spiritual airwaves

    I’ve always been interested in the paranormal an life after

    Ive also had many person and deep spiritual experiences however I could never imagine myself going to a spiritualist church because that’s not me

    But now spiritual air waves has given me a new hope! I’m so happy to know that it will become a platform for people to call in And share their experiences like myself

    I know that the topic of spiritualism and mediumship is vast so I would like to think that I would be welcomed into your online community to keep updates with all interesting topics

    I look forward to the launch along with the awesome discussions

    Richard price

  4. Hello Jeff and Jackson I’m so happy to see this new radio online congratulations both!!

    I feel that this is really something that Wales needs deeply! I’ve been a great follower of both of you on all my social media! You both are amazing!

    Every time I felt I needed a reading in the past I have always used your services because both of your mediumship and professionalism is what I look for!!

    I will be listening in on your radio station an i will be asking for music requests be warned haha?

    Wishing you both all the best!

  5. Hello Jeff and Jackson it’s Jim

    I would like to say well done to the both of you on your new venture spiritual online radio

    I would just like to say that the medium centre Wales has been a life savour for me an I am so greatful

    Both of you have changed my life
    And I mean that from the bottom of my heart because as I look back I can recognise how emotionally distressed I was

    Through your incredible gifts and mediumship as well as your spiritual contact healing you have helped me to turn my life around completely!

    I am now in a much brighter an positive place thanks to you 😀
    I have a future to look Forward two

    I can only image that there are many others like myself who seek help and guidance within my life therefore I know that spiritual waves radio will just do that

    You are to amazing compassionate guys who are really out there in the world making a difference

    I have in the past tried other “so called mediums” but it’s not of the standard and sincerity that I’ve found with you two

    I hope that the medium centre Wales
    Will go from strength to strength and I pray even harder that your radio will whisper it’s love throughout the world.

    Your dear friend from Newport Jim 😀

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