OFC Meaning in Text and Social Media: What ofc stands for?

Texting and Social media slangs are confusing for many people because they don’t know the meaning of a slang word when someone uses it. The use of these slang words is common when chatting with someone whether it is your family, friend or a coworker.  

It is useful to know the meaning of popular slang words when someone uses in text. By learning the meaning of slang words, you will communicate better. So, focus on learning the meanings and definition of confusing words.

OFC is another popular abbreviation which confuses many people. Even though it has a simple meaning, many people do not know what ofc stands for.

The meaning of ofc in texting is “of course”.

It is used when agreeing to something that a statement is obviously true. It is also used in situation when someone wants to say that an implied situation will take place for sure.

Using ofc is a time saving practice as you don’t have to type entire of course. It is usually used in text based messaging and social media.  The use of this slang word is popular on social media apps like twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and others.

Now, that you know the meaning of ofc, share it with others.

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