Read the reviews of the best Instagram story viewers to select a top anonymous Instagram viewer to watch Instagram account without an account.  

Instagram is the hub of gossip for millennials.  Insta Stalkers are everywhere and nowadays people do it just for fun. Multiple memes are based on Insta Stalking. Stalking may have reminded you of the famous Netflix show “You”, where Joe Goldberg could have received the best stalker award. However, that is not something we are encouraging.

Every one of us has creeped on another account on Instagram. But you don’t want to look like a creep by being on the list of their story views? Am I right or Am I right? Jokes apart, all of us sometimes get over from our ex-partners, a former friend, and sometimes a professional competitor has to be kept under the keen eye to stand out in the market.

Creeping isn’t that hard if the person has kept their account on public, or hasn’t blocked you (wink). We all get in trouble when we have to see someone’s story and get caught. It’s as embarrassing as liking someone’s photo of 2012. That part is fun if you ask me!

So how you can be an anonymous Instagram story viewer? Viewing someone’s photo without having a status of creep is possible with some of the tools. Those tools work as the Anonymous story viewer.

Disclaimer: Most of these techniques only work if the account is set to public and hasn’t blocked your Instagram account.

Top Instagram Story Viewer Tools Online: StoriesIG

So, let us take you on a small tour to the best Best Instagram Viewer.


To stay more critical about your ex, use It is an account analyzer and viewers. It helps intrude into your or other person’s Instagram Account statistics. That is all possible with Greatfon Ig viewer tool. It is one of the best StoriesIG tool.

It also lets you take a sneak peek at your popularity rate on Instagram. I guess, your dream to become a Famous Bloggers can be made true. To keep up the pace, you can anonymously explore and monitor other person’s account content and Ig stories.

You can monitor their statistics, and explore the famous Instagram profiles, hashtags, posts, followers, stories, locations and much more. What can make Greatfon irresistible? You can download Instagram photos, videos and stories completely for free and in an unlimited amount. Wouldn’t you call it the best way to gossip or take inspiration from your favourite celebrity? You can prank your friends by showing this Anonymous Instagram Viewer hack.

So we can say that it all features under one roof tool. You can Download Content, Browse Anonymously, Search everything, and Analyse-it. Cool, right?

Anon Ig Viewer

The Anon IG Viewer is an internet-based application in which you can watch Instagram stories or posts from individuals you are intrigued to without them knowing it. You can even download their stories or Instagram post either on your PC or Mobile telephone. Interesting, No?

It’s recognized as 100% free, anonymous, highly easy-to-use. You don’t need to get yourself perplexed in all the algorithm and statistics things. We give a backup to non-technical and lazy people.

All you have to do is Just sort in the search field the Instagram username of the individual you need to watch his/her accounts/posts and select his/her profile from the dropdown list.

The best thing is, you don’t have to log in with your Instagram account or some other account to utilize it.

But there is sad news! You can’t keep any track of your Instagram movement to our server. Your identity and privacy are preserved in the secret lock of Anon Ig Viewer.

So, you have the liberty to stalk everyone. This tool even offers a list of Suggested Profiles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Instagram, Nike, BMW, and even Adidas. You can also call it a cyber-stalking place for gamers!

Inflact/Ingramer Story Viewer

Inflact’s story viewer feature gives a simple way to anybody to do exactly that. It requires no third-party apps, is viable with any gadget, and is free! Instagram Story Viewer is an internet-based web administration that empowers you to watch Instagram Stories from any open account suddenly.

You can see every single dynamic story and feature of some random public profile. Ingramer’s Story Viewer is accessible to use on any gadget and doesn’t need the establishment of a third-party application.

The procedure is way too simple:

  • Write down the username in the bar
  • Snap-on the Search button
  • All the content is displayed in front of you! 

Downloading stories is similarly simple as watching them anonymously.

If you don’t have an account on Inflact yet, click the Create New Account tab which will take you through a concise enlistment process. Once signed into Inflact Story Viewer, you’ll have the option to watch Instagram Stories from any open account.

You can see Instagram stories utilizing this apparatus without it violating any law. Ingramer’s Story Viewer is legitimate and it doesn’t disrupt any Instagram guidelines.

Thus, Ingramer’s Story Viewer is among the best tools that Ingramer offers. It has substantiated itself as a helpful instrument to have available when you need to watch Stories suddenly or gambling being hindered by somebody who doesn’t care for your account following them.

Smihub Instagram/Dumpor Story Viewer

Let’s introduce you to SmiHub which can impress you enough with its flawless interface. It is spotless, mess-free, and assists clients with getting directly to business. It welcomes you with a text box that requests that you embed a username straight away.

After feeding the internet based help with a username, the tool attempts to promptly furnish you with access to that specific account. From here on, you can anonymously see stories, look for whatever you wish, and download content with only a couple of clicks.

The device likewise permits you to investigate a specific account concerning its preferences, remarks, and supporter base.

What you can do?

  • Secretly explore Instagram accounts
  • View stories
  • Download content and video with open connections
  • Analyse likes and comments

It doesn’t get any easier and straightforward than Dumpor. The interface with its flawless look is not difficult to utilize and explore. It is an optimal web-based helping tool assuming you need to take a sneak peek at someone’s Instagram account. Regardless of anything else, it is legal to use.  


Do you have a thing for stalking people on Instagram for fun? Then StoriStalker can work for you. It allows you anonymously watch that account’s posts, stories, and you know what’s the best part? You can even look at their deleted post if you have entered their account into our service data before.

Benefits of StoriStalker:

Free- StoriStalker does not ask for any registration detail and gets your work done for free.

Anonymous- You can get into any public account IG story anonymously. Nobody will know that you have stalked them.

Functional- Enable profile monitoring on our website, and see even the deleted content from that user. It enables you to access both posts and stories. Isn’t it just amazing?

What else you need to know about StoriStalker is, your access isn’t limited to photos and stories. You can see their comments, likes, and even subscribers. On the top of the tool, there is an option of adding the username of that account and Pooof! Your stalking genie will present you with all the information you ever wanted!


Don’t you wanna see someone’s DP before accepting their Insta account request? Or you wanted to see somebody’s profile picture in full size on Instagram yet couldn’t sort out some way to do it? InstaDP addresses this issue! InstaDP is free assistance allowing anybody to look for an account and view the client’s profile picture in top-notch quality. 

With every one of the features, Instagram offers, the site is limited on this critical detail—the minute profile picture. Having the choice to set your profile as private and pick any name as your username limits the data others get about your account.

Without the choice of augmenting the profile picture to get an unmistakable perspective on the face shown, people with loads of followers can get disappointed.

Rather than asking your companions or family to assist with recognizing an obscure friend request, try InstaDP to make your life simpler. This site lets you rapidly download and focus on the profile picture in its unique size.


StoriesDown gives you precisely what you wanted from a story viewer. You can access an Instagram account without your very own account, view its substance anonymously, and download content you wish to save money on your mobile or your PC.

It is planned in such a way that you hardly need to lift a finger to operate it. There is an apparent textbox, which expects you to glue a username you need to access. You needn’t bother with your very own Instagram account or take an interest in superfluous enrollment to see stories you wish to access. In addition! You will download photos/videos without undermining their unique quality.

What does it offer?

  • Anonymous story watching
  • No enlistment or account required
  • Free Download

StoriesDown is straightforward with every one of the essential features you should see Instagram stories secretly. You might get a bit underwhelmed by other tool’s features, but StoriesDown would never disappoint!


Just like its name, it’s highly creative and interesting. This tool is a multipurpose platform that caters for your needs. If you’re curious about what’s happening in your competitor’s marketplace. Then trust me Gramvio is exactly the place where you have to be!

Similarly, sometimes you like some dresses or find some content to discuss with your best friend. But, you are unable to download and share it with them. I guess Gramivo can help you find its solution as well. You can simply download multiple videos freely without any external or third-party tool. This single platform offers you:

  • Insta Stalker
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Photo/Video Downloader
  • Stories Viewer
  • Download Profile Photo
  • Download Tumblr/Twitch Video and so much more!


The previously mentioned apps are amazing, but for your desktop, I guess you should upgrade yourself. Sometimes, some apps have the option of one-time free use. Do you know who can help you at that time? My Stalk, of course!

To watch stories anonymously, just browse and put the username in its search bar to view their story. Don’t forget that it is essential to mention the exact name to search even faster. Confirm the user, click on them, and boom!

 You can find his/her stories. For downloading their photo or video, you can long-press on your screen until a pop-up download option appears.

But where it’s offering every perfect thing, there are a few downsides. The website is swamped with ads, so it is sometimes a bit hard to locate the content. Apart from that, you can enjoy surfing all through the accounts of people or hate.

Other ways to sneak into someone’s Account:

Turning on Airplane Mode can help!

All you have to do is Preload Ig Stories, and turn off your Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Stories aren’t able to count your view with a disabled internet connection. Instantly watch their story and nobody would ever know about your sneak peek!

Make an Anonymous Account

Apart from the main account, make another account with a photo of a doll *lol*. Start adding people you wanna stalk. If they accept your request, you’ll get a green signal to creep them out forever. Otherwise, you might need to see the next step.

Third-Party Apps are life-savers!

As we have discussed multiple Instagram Story Viewer Online, you can get help from any of such Third-Party App. Anonymously, you can sneak into anybody’s account content and even their Ig stories, they won’t know how you made a peephole to look into those details. But don’t forget, you can’t access them if you blocked them or they are private.


Although these tools seem to be illegitimate there is nothing unlawful on these websites. It’s for fun and this blog does not encourage any kind of stalking that might hurt any user. So have fun and stay safe!